Dial Herbs Customer Testimonials

Dial Herbs  Customer Testimonials
Dial Herbs

Dear Dial Herbs

My sister and I have diabetes and we take very few prescriptions.
We basically rely on other means. We were still having problems keeping our sugar in line.
My son is studying to become an Herbalist. When my son introduced & suggested to us to give
Gluca-Herb a try we were skeptical and were unsure of the product. However he convinced
us to try this product and to our surprise it really worked.
We could not believe the results. Now we cannot live without it
Thank you very much for making such a great product!!!!

Sincerely Yours,
Rebecca C & Mary B.

Dial Herbs

Dear Dial Herbs

I have a chronic colon problem with large pockets that don’t clean out very well.
A few years ago I was introduced to your CAC Tea by a clinic in Nevada.
It has been a real lifesaver for me.
I ran out last week and could not locate any, until I wrote you folks at the Dial Herbs
company. I got an immediate response from you and am so very grateful.
Thank you for sending it so quickly.
There is nothing that works like your CAC Tea.

Nelly E.

Salve open Jar

Dear Dial Herbs

Calendula Salve

Both my fiance and I suffer from intermittent skin issues and this cream you turned us onto, with the essential oils, has made such a wonderful difference. Thing is we use it regularly and again almost out. My friend with cancer is also using it and I share with her. We desperately need more.

At this point I'm not sure I can bare to live without it, amazing things have been happening for our skin.

Over the years we have tried every cream and soap, even medicated things - nothing has helped. My fiance was resigned to living with the pain and unsightliness of this rash forever. He is amazed that it can be cleared up so completely!

Thank you!!

Jenica R.