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Sug. Use: Rashes, dry patches, burns, sore breasts.
Ingredients: Plantain, Chickweed, Mint, Comfrey, Oat Straw, Gumweed, Myrrh in a Base of Bees Wax, Glycerine, and Cold Pressed Olive Oil.

What Is an Herbal Salve?

Salves, also known as ointments and unguents, are semi-solid healing mixtures that use herbs and essential oils for their healing properties. … The base used for most salves is a mixture of wax (most often beeswax) and carrier oils infused with herbs. Salves soften when applied topically and provide an exceptional barrier that helps heal and protect, nourish wounds, scrapes, abrasions, burns, and other skin irritations.

The infused oil enhances the salves healing ability because its herbal properties absorb into the tissues. Beeswax helps provide a natural protection against irritants but still allows the skin to breath. It is also a natural antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiviral. Beeswax also helps the salve to become firm but yet a spreadable texture making them easy to use. Adding essential oils also give salves a more powerful healing boost.

Once applied to the skin, salves melt and are quickly absorbed along with any essential oils and herbal constituents.

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2 oz.

How To

1. Thoroughly clean the affected area. 2. Gently apply a small amount of the salve onto the skin when used for insect bites, joint and muscle pain, or on scratches to help stimulate healing. Apply a good layer on open cuts and wounds then apply an adhesive bandage. You can add more salve as needed to cover the affected area. 3. Apply as needed.

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  1. Miriam

    I have used this Plantain Salve when sore from nursing my babies, and it works wonderfully! It has a soft mint aroma that is also really nice.

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